Open Weekdays: 9AM - 6PM, Saturdays: 10AM - 1PM

About Us

Selkirk Pharmacy is an independently owned local business located inside Selkirk Medical Center at 353 Eveline St. We are a full-service pharmacy that can take care of all your prescription needs, with direct billing to all major insurance plans. Our licensed pharmacist is committed to providing catered and personalized care to our clients, and will work closely with your physician to make sure your healthcare needs are met. Our customers enjoy accurate and prompt service, and have access to all of our pharmacy services, including a 25% discount on all non-prescription items.

You do not need to see one of the doctors in the clinic to enjoy our services, as we are open to the general public.

Contact us today and find out how easy it is to transfer your prescriptions to Selkirk Pharmacy!

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